Post Oak BBQ Will Soon Be a Household Name in Burkburnett, TX

Our local BBQ restaurant is making headlines - literally!

Only three months after Post Oak BBQ opened for business in Burkburnett, TX, the BBQ editor of Texas Monthly reviewed our food. The results are in - our loaded potato salad is a "home run," the pinto beans are "excellent" and the Four Sixes appetizer is so good that folks will fight for the last bite. But by far the best feedback we've received are the online reviews praising our local BBQ.

Prepared by a chef with fine dining experience, each plate comes out looking like a work of art.
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Our Story

We've been serving tempting BBQ since December 2020.


You haven't had Texas BBQ until you've experienced our cooking.


Serve your guests some of the finest BBQ in the Burkburnett, TX area.

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Can't decide what to order?

Although we specialize in local BBQ, we serve up all kinds of delicious food. To avoid FOMO when you visit our BBQ restaurant in Burkburnett, TX, try our sampler platter. It comes with...

1/3 lb. of each meat, so you can decide which is the best

Your choice of three sides, so you can enjoy your favorite comfort foods

Our signature BBQ, spicy BBQ and Carolina sauces, so you can experiment with different flavors

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